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It's that time again...

Posted on 2011.12.16 at 22:49
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PH68 raws are up, but I am too busy relaxing to panic. It seems to be brilliant, at least. While I am waiting patiently for scanlations, some other things I've been up to.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2: It definitely has so far shown signs of being geared more towards bronies. The dialogue is getting snarkier, and now that Twilight Sparkle does not have to be in every episode, those episodes that focus on another member of the mane six feel less contrived. I've only seen up through I think episode 10 or 11 (I'm one behind), and there have been two songs. One was excellent, the other was okay, I thought. I've also been super excited about the wonderful continuity. I'm hoping for more music (maybe more Sondheim tributes? :D ) and more Luna / Celestia / others.

High School of the Dead: I watched episodes 1-... 5, maybe? It is entirely fanservice and the dialogue and dubbing is awful. It's so bad that it's almost entertaining. Late at night. Also, it makes no sense, and they leave the high school within a couple episodes so it's not so much a high school of the dead as a... city of the dead? I am determined to finish it one day, just out of... pure... curiosity?

Shin Chan: I saw a few episodes years ago, but had forgotten about it, and I still can't remember what I thought the first time I saw it. It's kind of in the same vein as Family Guy... ish? Anyway, I actually thought it was funny, and I for once really liked Chuck Hubert. Cynthia Cranz was brilliant as usual. :3

Sherlock Holmes 2: YUM. I mean. Ahem. It was fun. They weren't confined to England this time around, so there were lots of nice colors instead of the dull browns and grays. I believe this movie is evidence that filmmakers use the internet. They certainly knew what their audience wanted, anyway...

Romeo + Juliet: It is not quite Moulin Rouge, but the more I watched it, the more I accidentally fell in love with it. I adore Claire Danes and her pretty bright eyes, and as much as I hate the lover-centric rendition of the story, the hints of stylistic elements that later evolved into those of Moulin Rouge made up for the awkward acting and dramatic angsty poetry writing. Yes, they cut out most of my favorite lines, but I can't say no to a gospel cover of "When Doves Cry."

Bleach: I saw the first episode. It was not the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I have not been giving it enough credit. I probably won't ever really watch it because it is so long, but it wasn't bad at all.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: I saw the first four (?) episodes, and it is brilliant and it is beautiful but it is also very heavy and kind of disturbing. After my brain calms down a little over the winter break, I will sit down with some chocolate and watch the rest.

Mawaru Penguindrum: I have a thing where before Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji, I was always very, very behind on every series I picked up as far as the fandom was concerned. By the time I really got into a series, most people had moved on, and I was free to wade through existing fandom creations on my own or with one of my friends and play and do whatever. With PH, I was actually kind of early. My friends within the fandom were all there before I was, but I still got on board before the swarm arrived, so I had a firm mental handle on the series and fanbase before things got crazy. I've seen the first eight or nine episodes of Penguindrum and I adore it, but the moment I started watching it I started seeing it everywhere. Everyone is watching it RIGHT NOW and that is kind of scary. I also have this thing where I am like "I am this many episodes behind and it comes out weekly and I will NEVER CATCH UP" and also raw episodes come out before subbed and bleh but honestly I will probably watch a good deal of it over break as well.

On my list to finish: Madoka, Penguindrum, Soul Eater, Deadman Wonderland (manga).

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Posted on 2011.11.29 at 13:49
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Callie was finally... inspired... to write a short fic.


All the Callie fans should go read it! It's all nice and angsty.

break noooooo
Posted on 2011.11.26 at 12:18
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TK ProcrastinatesCollapse )

Posted on 2011.11.16 at 21:09
The userpics I have are entirely insufficient to express any of my emotions at this time. I desperately need new ones.
I had entirely forgotten what new love feels like. (Rediscovered love? Love that was almost discovered but was lost before it could be?) SO MUCH LOVE RIGHT NOW it is so exciting and new and I feel like such a bad shipper, like I've picked up a whore and fallen madly in love with her, forgetting for a moment my ever lovely wonderful grown-up faithful OTP. Ohhh, but the newness, it is so intoxicating. I am so terribly obsessed, suddenly. Oh dear. I need new icons.

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Posted on 2011.11.15 at 11:01
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The PH calendar scans that went up yesterday (thank you so much stormcoming ) not only made my day/week, but officially snapped me out of a giant PH-angsty phase and into a really PH-happy phase, and (after a small crisis) I have switched my layout accordingly. (I am just so pleased with all the pictures, even the repeat ones, because the scans are so large and pretty. Plus Liam made the calendar twiiiice. He got September all to himseeeelf, even if it is just a repeat of the Animate card that goes with the novel. It made the calendaaaaaar I am so proud of hiiiiiim he is all grown up and on the calendar with everybody.) Hopefully 67 will not set me back. Honestly, I don't think there's much it can do, since I doubt anything from 100 years ago can hit me too hard. Then again, this series is made to shock, so you never know...

It is the 15th and we have entered the danger zone! Kuroshitsuji could pop up scanlated any moment now. Because sometimes there are scanlations before I even hear that G-Fantasy is out. :/ It is like magic, or the work of a demon butler.

I've watched the first eight (I think) episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum and really like it. It's entertaining, plus Akira Ishida.

The other day I rewatched (most of) Poltergeist Report, the second YYH movie, for the first time in ages, and oh man, did it take me back.

Also, Boss Lady went all Armstrong sparkle on me last night, and it made me go HNNNNN FMA THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY OLIVIER FMA FMA FMA and now I just want to FMA. Waaatch allll the animeeeeee.

bella mope
Posted on 2011.11.02 at 01:43
>try to sign on to Twitter
>realize I've forgotten the number in my username
>recall that it is related to Retrace 56
>re-read Retrace 56 in search of a hint
>cry forever
>eventually figure out it is just 56
>but still crying forever

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Even my food was like, 'whaaaa?'.

Posted on 2011.10.18 at 11:33

Re: Pandora Hearts Retrace 66Collapse )

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Posted on 2011.10.14 at 14:44
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It was started by Reverend Mother, perhaps because the years had filled her out until she resembled the Sankara Acharya mountain in her native Srinagar, so that she presented the dust with the largest surface area to attack. Rumbling up from her mountainous body came a noise like an avalanche, which, when it turned into words, became a fierce attack on Aunt Pia, the bereaved widow. We had all noticed that my mumani was behaving unusually. There was an unspoken feeling that an actress of her standing should have risen to the challenge of widowhood in high style; we had unconsciously been eager to see her grieving, looking forward to watching an accomplished tragedienne orchestrate her own calamity, anticipating a forty-day raga in which bravura and gentleness, howling pain and soft despond would all be blended in the exact proportions of art; but Pia remained still, dry-eyed, and anticlimatically composed. Amina Sinai and Emerald Zulfikar wept and rent their hair, trying to spark off Pia's talents; but finally, when it seemed nothing would move Pia, Reverend Mother lost patience. The dust entered her disappointed fury and increased its bitterness. "That woman, whatsitsname," Reverend Mother rumbled, "didn't I tell you about her? My son, Allah, he could have been anything, but not, whatsitsname, she must make him ruin his life; he must jump off a roof, whatsitsname, to be free of her."

  It was said; could not be unsaid. Pia sat like a stone; my insides shook like cornflour pudding. Reverend Mother went grimly on; she swore an oath upon the hairs of her dead son's head. "Until that woman shows my son's memory some respect, whatsitsname, until she takes out a wife's true tears, no food will pass my lips. It is shame and scandal, whatsitsname, how she sits with antimony instead of tears in her eyes!" The house resounded with this echo of her old wars with Aadam Aziz. And until the twentieth day of the forty, we were all afraid that my grandmother would die of starvation and the forty days would have to start all over again. She lay dustily on her bed; we waited and feared.

  I broke the stalemate between grandmother and aunt; so at least I can legitimately claim to have saved on life. On the twentieth day, I sought out Pia Aziz who sat in her groundfloor room like a blind woman; as an excuse for my visit, I apologized clumsily for my indiscretions in the Marine Drive apartment. Pia spoke, after a distant silence: "Always melodrama," she said, flatly, "In his family members, in his work. he died for his hate of melodrama; it is why I would not cry." At the time I did not understand; now I'm sure that Pia Aziz was exactly right. Deprived of a livelihood by spurning the cheap-thrill style of the Bombay cinema, my uncle strolled off the edge of a roof; melodrama inspired (and perhaps tainted) his final dive to earth. Pia's refusal to weep was in honor of his memory...


-Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children

More generic and less intelligent response. 

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Re: Retrace 63, 1 / 1,000,000

Posted on 2011.07.24 at 01:56
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No, scanlations aren't up yet, but I've decided I'm not going to wait for them because I don't know how long it will take, and much of this may be covered next month, and I'm about to explode anyway.

This is so much information that it's going to take just about a million posts to address it all, so, I will start by doing what I normally do: how does this chapter affect my Liam?


"You've ruined all my plans."Collapse )

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